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Irvine's Africa - for all your commercial poultry and livestock requirements.

Irvine's Africa services the Sub-Saharan Africa region with a comprehensive range of quality products tailored to fit your commercial livestock, poultry and milling production requirements.

Our comprehensive product range is customized to fit your nutritional, animal health, packaging, hygiene, housing and/or equipment needs at competitive prices.

With a special emphasis on logistics, our aim is to ensure your product orders are delivered to you in an accurate and timely manner, regardless of where in Africa you may be based.

Irvine's Africa is a family business founded on the importance of strong customer relationships, developed through a cost effective, quality product offering, sound technical support and our logistical expertise.




We at Irvine’s Africa are committed to the successful development of the African poultry industry. Mindful of the economic, logistical, transport, technical and other constraints affecting most producers in Africa today, our aim is to facilitate access to a full range of products from one source.





A comprehensive animal nutritional product range designed to service both commercial feed manufacturers as well as integrated poultry and/or livestock producers.  We offer customized nutritional services supported by qualified animal nutritionists.

Animal Health

Supporting your flock's or herd's health requirements with both preventive and therapeutic medications, vaccines and disinfectants.  Recommended disinfection and vaccination protocols are available to assist the client's productive success.


From the egg to the grocer's shelf, our packaging range is perfectly suited for the egg and chick producer, the abattoir and the retailer.

Equipment and Housing

We offer a durable poultry equipment range perfect for both small scale and commercial farmers alike.  Our commercial housing and incubation equipment is of world class standard, and is supported by technical experts for the respective products.  We can also assist with abattoir equipment and related spare parts.

Broiler and Layer

We proudly offer COBB and H&N genetics as Africa's leading broiler and layer breeds.  COBB continues to be the broiler breed of choice for exceptional broiler performance, with low FCR's, while H&N layers are ideally suited to Africa, given their large egg size, excellent egg numbers and their robust nature.  We offer COBB broiler breeders and hatching eggs, and H&N parent stock.

Procurement Services

For those hard to find spares or unique inputs essential to your business, Irvine's Africa provides complete sourcing, procurement and logistics solutions for our clients.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any other enquiries for products which are not included above.


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